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STALTA is West Michigan’s #1 strength and performance training company. Contact us for personal training, sport-specific training, nutrition planning, and Olympic weightlifting coaching.


To seek out the most practical and successful approach to improve performance, health, and overall well-being. There is no one perfect way to achieve individual goals. Therefor it is our duty and passion to offer a product built upon our experience in the health and performance field. The coaches at STALTA use a world-renowned approach to sports performance. It is the coaches responsibility to measure, address, program, implement, adjust, and succeed.


Structural Balance & Performance Testing

STALTA uses a variety of active and passive motor pattern testing as well as performance testing that is applicable to the athlete’s sport. Depending on the individual or athlete, testing can range from 45-90 minutes and in some cases has to be broken into 2 sessions. This will give our coach the right intel on how to orient the program design.

BioSignature Modulation

Poliquin® BioSignature Modulation is a method based on the correlation between body fat distribution and possible hormonal imbalances. Hormonal imbalances are often the culprit of stubborn body fat storage and other health concerns such as poor sleep, low energy, impaired cognitive function, and more. Bobby has been practicing the methods since 2010. In this time he has taken thousands of measurements. This will ensure a more accurate and consistent measurement and reading.

Personal Training

STALTA's elite training methods are not just reserved for elite athletes. Our coaches can help with weight loss, overall conditioning, physique enhancement, and any other goal the individual has.


Bobby Logan
Owner & Head Coach
  • B.S. Central Michigan University
  • Major: Health science in preventative and rehabilitative
  • Minor: Nutrition
  • PICP L2
  • BioSignature Level 1
  • CSCS
  • Crossfit-L1, Weightlifting, and Strongman

Owner and Head Coach Bobby Logan started his performance journey at the age of 13 when he worked at a local dairy farm. He had noticed the hard labor had started to change him. During the upcoming sports season Bobby discovered he had increased his ability to perform at higher levels both physically and mentally. By the age of 15 he took his first job as a desk and towel boy at a local racquetball and bodybuilding gym. At 18 he was already certified and training clients.

In 2008, Bobby worked as a student assistant strength coach at Central Michigan University (CMU). In the spring of 2009 he served as Assistant Director of S&C for the Mt Pleasant men’s HS hockey team. Upon graduation at CMU, Bobby served as a strength coach at Poliquin Performance Center in Chicago from fall 2009 to fall 2013. It was here where he joined the fraternity of some of the nation's and world's best strength coaches. In 2014, Bobby was offered a position by Tim Grover (trainer to Michael Jordan and countless other top level athletes), CEO of ATTACK Athletics, as the Director of Strength and Conditioning for the Shanghai Sports Bureau in China. Bobby and his staff of an Orthopedic Surgeon, Chiropractor, Physical Therapists, and assistant coaches oversaw the development of hundreds of Jr National, National, Olympic, and professional athletes from around the world.

Upon returning to West Michigan in the summer of 2015, Bobby took positions in the commercial and private personal training scenes to re-network a community he had been away from for over a decade. Now, West Michigan’s most experienced and successful strength coach is here to offer the absolute best training and preventive health Grand Rapids has to offer.

Aaron Donovan
Operations Director & Assistant Strength Coach
  • B.S. Grand Valley State University
  • Major: Hospitality Management
  • Minor: Business Administration
  • Parisi Speed School CPC

Operations Director and Assistant Strength Coach Aaron Donovan has worked with and coached a wide array of clientele including, but not limited to, those focused on: Sports Performance, Rehabilitation, Weight Loss Management, and Strength & Endurance (Mountaineering/Endurance Racing). With 15 plus years of experience in the Hospitality/Business sector, and over 5 years in the Fitness industry, Aaron’s mindset and focus parallels with the mission here at STALTA.

A.J. Olszewski
Assistant Strength Coach
  • B.S. Grand Valley State University
  • Major: Clinical Exercise Science
  • Yoga Tune Up
  • Kettlebell Training Academy

Assistant Strength Coach A.J. Olszewski has studied and worked in the Fitness Industry for over 2 years after graduating from Grand Valley State. Prior to his degree, he competed as a NCAA pole vaulter during his collegiate career. Specializing in strength training and managing a wide range of clients from Weight Loss to Sports Performance, helping them grow and succeed is his goal.

A.J. is a great addition to the STALTA team. He has a grinder mentality with a skill set to match. West Michigan will see very big things on the training front from this driven young man.


"I brought Bobby on my staff as a director in China for one reason: he gets results. He has a relentless attitude about his work, along with the dedication, knowledge, and skill set to take athletes from good to great to unstoppable."

Tim S. Grover
CEO, ATTACK Athletics Inc.

"When I first started lifting it was all about how much weight I could squat, bench, and hang clean. When I started working out with Bobby he showed me that there is way more to lifting than that. He takes it down to a science and makes a program that specifically fits you and your needs. He implements lifts that not only make you stronger, but also make you move efficiently and get the most power out of your movements. I feel better than I ever have and am getting the results that I was looking for."

Connor Bruinius
LB, Northern Michigan University

"I first met Bobby in the fall of 2015, 5 weeks before I was supposed to run my first full marathon. At the time I was unable to run at all due to an overtraining injury. He assured me that if I followed his training program for the remaining 5 weeks I would be able to finish the marathon. I was somewhat skeptical, but had nothing to lose, so I committed to his programming for the duration of my training cycle. Sure enough, the strength training he prescribed was exactly what I needed to get healthy and complete the marathon. From that point on, I was a believer in Bobby’s training philosophies and have incorporated them into my daily workout regime. Over the last 2 years, my overall strength has improved, I have become more lean and have developed skills I can use for the rest of my life."

Sarah Stornant
Former collegiate BIG 10 track & field & cross country athlete

"I attribute a large portion of my athletic success to Bobby. With his instruction, I learned how to build strength with precision, a skill I have continued to use throughout my college rowing career. He taught me proper lifting technique and his workouts always demanded my very best. Thanks to these building blocks this season I achieved one of my goals, being a key contributor to the varsity boat."

Kay Rusher
Stanford Rowing, All American

"Bobby Logan is the best trainer/coach in the greater Grand Rapids area. Take it from someone who has been a member just about anywhere that claims to be helping athletes. Bobby, even at a young age, has the most experience in the GR training industry. He will build a workout that is designed specifically to your build and its flaws. You can watch as your body fat % goes down and you become a healthier person. He can train anyone, whether you are a D1 athlete or a mom trying to get lean, he can get you where you want to go. The most impressive thing about Bobby to me is his character, he is a stand up guy that loves what he does and loves impacting others."

Ben Keller
Lacrosse - High School All American / University of Maryland Baltimore County '21

"Bobby has played a key role in my development as an elite athlete. I've gained a real respect for injury prevention work because I've personally seen the benefits. His workouts were the first exposure I had to high-level training, and because of his demands for high quality strength-building and mental toughness I've been able to excel in my class for my first year as a collegiate rower."

PAC 10/U23 USA Rowing Team Member

“When I started training with Aaron over 3 years ago, I was the most out of shape I had ever been. My goal was to lose weight for my wedding which was a year away. Over the course of that year, Aaron taught me the importance of consistent strength training and living a healthy lifestyle. Not only was Aaron’s expertise in personal training a factor in my success but his personality is his best attribute. Aaron communicates weekly with a schedule, holds me accountable, pushes me and continues to motivate me after all this time working together. His energy and passion reflect in his work and in return creates a contagious environment to want to be around. He continues to motivate me more than anyone else in my life and I continue to make progress because of him. My wedding has come and gone and I still continue to train because of Aaron.”

Alexis Parker

"I have been working with Aaron for three years. Aaron is focused on helping me achieve my personal goals and has also been very instrumental in helping me identify those goals for myself. Far beyond a physical aesthetic, Aaron is very interested in my quality of life. His program design is very holistic, and he often seeks feedback from my medical professionals. Aaron also understands a budget and has designed aspects of my program that I can do on my own. He is a very good teacher, and looks at ways that each of his clients learn, and pays a lot of attention to ensuring that his plan is well understood. His feedback is always swift and precise. He has clear expectations for progress, which I find helps me with follow-through."

Dale Hovenkamp


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